About Us


Hoover Honey takes great pride in producing a premium product for our consumers. We focus on quality! Jarod Hoover has always been a nature lover and environmentalist. Being environmentally conscious with an interest in sustainability, Jarod strives to be eco-friendly. Jarod started keeping two beehives in 2013. While in high school, he grew his small business by word of mouth and a few local stores. He also served an internship with The University Of North Texas Sustainability Department. Connecting with many great people and becoming a UNT Sustainability Communities Initiative (SCI) partner helped mold Hoover Honey into a very eco-conscious company.  Sustainability is still a passion for Jarod.  Hoover Honey has now grown to providing many local customers, online sales and stores with happy sweet smiles.

A healthy addition to your life

Our honey is raw, unfiltered and locally produced. This preserves an immense amount of beneficial compounds and properties that help you live a healthier life.

Changing the world one jar at a time

We have designed our company from the start to be sustainable, compassionate and eco friendly. Every jar you buy of our honey is a vote for a better future for humanity and the world.